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Español: Para acceder a Parent Portal en español, seleccione "Español" del campo desplegable en la esquina superior derecha. 

Have an Enrolled Student and Need to Set Up Parent Portal?
If you are the parent of a currently enrolled student, but have not set up your Parent Portal account, please create a new user account.  To have access to update/change any student information, the email address used to create your Parent Portal account MUST match the email in our student information system. Note: During your account creation, you will be asked to verify your email address. This is a very important step and failure to verify your email address will disable your account. 

Need Your Student's Portal ID?
Please contact the campus registrar or email    

Have a Disabled Parent Portal Account?
If you failed to verify your email address when creating your account, your Parent Portal account will become disabled.  If your Parent Portal account is disabled and attempts to create a new account provide an error that your email address is already being used by another user, please send an email to to have the account removed. This will allow you to create a new user account using that same email address. Note: Please note that requests may take longer to process during peak times of the year.

Need Help?
If you need help setting up your Parent Portal account or linking to your student's Portal ID, please contact   

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