Welcome to the RT-C ISD Parent Portal!  (public documents are temporarily down due to a software issue)


The Parent Portal has been opened to allow for registration of returning students and new students who have already turned in their enrollment packets. Returning students may complete online registration paper-free.  We are excited about this new process, but please be patient with us as we work out the bugs!


The Parent Tips and Troubleshooting documents at the bottom of this page should be helpful if you have trouble creating an account or registering.  You can also call the elementary office at 979-249-3200 for assistance.


**IMPORTANT - If you are not able to click the registration button on one or more of your students, it is possible that the email address the district has in its database does not match the email you are using in Parent Portal.  Please email lmcculloch@rtcisd or thardaway@rtcisd with the email you wish to use in Parent Portal so we may correct the district database and allow you access to your student's registration process.**


***If you do not already have a parent portal account, please create one.  You will need your child's student portal ID to associate the student with your account.  Portal ID's were given out before the end of the last school year; however, if you are unable to find, or never received your student's ID, please call either the elementary or the high school office for that information.***


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